NABI BOUBOU is a collection inhabited by the desire to work by hand, free line. We have taken the time and painted one by one each item. A simple subject, the quest for nature, virgin nature and transformed by man. Our favorite subject, dominating all our collections. Mountain and Forest. Forest of Gustav Klimt, Peter Doig, the cabins that we dream to build in.
The Matterhorn, Switzerland mystical mountain, magical memories of childhood, emblem of the collection. The twilight, a form of romanticism.
NABI for painting in tribute to this artistic movement of the late 19 century. These codes are simple, painting «sortie du tube» without mixing, inspired by the work of Paul Gaughin, Japanese art ... false perspectives, light prevails. Commitment to simplicity of the Treaty of irrelevance.
BOUBOU for 90’s inspiration, colors, our teens, graffiti, Keith Harring, African textiles.